Wang Residence jakarta

Wang Residence jakarta

Wang Residence jakarta barat , it is our privilege to announce 250 exclusive units.

Developer : Citicon Propertindo

Architect : Ong&Ong

Marketing / pemasaran : Edyzen hp 0811192961  ,  087881531238

Concept and design by : Artnivora

Jumlah tower apartment : 2 yaitu Penthouse dan Upperhouse tower

Lokasi / address : Jalan panjang kav 18 jakarta barat 11520 – Indonesia . Dekat kedoya

Some dreams are meant to come true …

A little Piece of heaven : The residence and main facilities were elevated , giving more space for greenery and social activities underneath.

wang residence jakarta barat jalan panjang kedoya

Wang Residence jakarta dijual unit 2 3 4 bedrooms

The Upperhouse tower

Dijual 2 bedrooms apartment E

For sale 2 BR apartment J luas mulai dari  sqm

Jual 2 + 1 kamar type F dan I

Sell 3 kamar tidur – tipe G and H

Untuk melihat semua layout unit di Upperhouse klik Disini

Spacious, airy units create a highly liveable environment for the modern family. Each floor has just six units, starting at  sqm and up.  Large windows and +- 3 meter high ceilings bring in plenty of narural light into a central area that is perfect for socializing, a while bedrooms are tucked away for privacy n quiet.

The Penthouse tower

For sale type 3 bedrooms – size mulai dari  sqm

Jual Tipe 4 BR

Dijual type duplex 2 lantai  ada 3BR

klik gambar denah

Each layouts are designed for the ultimate lifestyle. A pantry with a view, a continuos living space n a full balcony deck. The units are made to feel even cozier with the generous ceiling height. The lavish bedroom n bathroom sizes complete the picture

Wang Residence jakarta world class team

Citicon Propertindo


OLSA : Design international Architecture planning Landscape



PT Gistama Intisemesta

Skemanusa consultama teknik

Wang Residence jakarta specifications

Upperhouse                                                                                         The Penthouse


Panoramic city view or pool                                                               Same

Ceiling height

+- 3 meter                                                                                                       +- 3.2 m

Air conditioning

Living n dining : split units                                                                 included AC

All main bedrooms : split                                                                   included AC

Flooring finishes

Living n dining : marble tile                                                High quality marble

Kamar : timber flooring                                                                    same

Kitchen n pantry 

Table counters provided                              table counters n pantry island

Stove top n cooker hood                                             full kitchen appliances


Master bedroom : provided                                                    All bedroom


1 private lift                                                                                       private lifts

Car park

2 BR , 2 BR+1 : dedicated parking lot                                   same

Water heater

Disediakan di semua kamar mandi                                            sama

Automation n security

Video phone                                                                                              sama

panic button


Premium bathrooms appliances                                                  same

Video Wang Residence jakarta barat di jalan panjang dekat kedoya.

Terdapat berbagai facilities exclusive di apartment ini.


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  1. Hi, may i pls get the pricelist for this wang residence and let me know if there is open house or any other promotion. thanks

  2. hai wang residence,
    bisa diemail ke saya list harga dan estimasi perhitungan biaya nya ?
    kindly wait for your feedback, thanks :)

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Wang Residence jakarta jalan panjang barat kedoya